The shocking cholesterol test that prompted me to lose weight and help others do the same.

In my mid twenties I weighing in at a hefty 200 pounds.  My friends would give me charming nicknames like beached whale, Mr. potatohead, and no neck. 

Boy!, was I big and I loved to eat.

I ate fast food about twice a day and everything was supersized.

One day I was called into my doctor’s office and they wanted to talk to me about my cholesterol.

The nurse said, “I can’t believe your cholesterol level!”

I replied, “Why is it the best you ever seen?”  I said jokingly.

“No!”, she replied, “It is four times higher than a normal person.”

It was then that I realized I had to stop and reevaluate my weight but I did not nowhere to start.

I began to study weight loss on a molecular level and begin documenting everything that worked and what did not.

After everything was said and done; I developed a proven system to weight loss.  People that were overweight would approach me and I would consult and coach them how lose weight and keep it off.

I noticed seven bonus that came with weight loss.

  1. Diminishing Back and knee pain.
  2. Better and restful sleep. 
  3. Fewer trips to the doctor.
  4. Lower medical bills.
  5. Felt happier.
  6. Energy and confidence boost.
  7. life is more enjoyable.

I help accountants lose weight through consulting and coaching through  my easy and proven method of weight loss within a twelve week program.

For a free phone consultation email:

Please leave your name, number and best time to call in Eastern Standard Time.

Privacy policy: Your privacy is important and will not be shared with any third party.

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